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Smart Hearing Aids designed for any lifestyle.

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Smart Hearing Aids For YOUR Connected Life

Smart Hearing Aids For YOUR Connected Life

Smart Hearing Aids For YOUR Connected Life

Smart Hearing Aids For YOUR Connected Life

  • Discreet

    Seamless integration to support your lifestyle with virtually invisible in-ear technology

  • Rechargeable

    A single charge delivers up to 18 hours of battery life so you can hear with confidence

  • Adjustable

    Optimize for your environment with 12 unique settings so you can adapt on-the-go


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Zepp Clarity One has helped me hear better, communicate better, work over Zoom better, and feel better; being able to communicate in these ways has improved my life.
-Linda Rodriguez Grau
Zepp Clarity One Customer
With many hearing aids, you can hear fine, but you have a big device on your ear. To both hear  well and feel normal, is a game changer. Zepp Clarity One helps normalize hearing loss.
-Jodi Catlaw
Zepp Clarity One Customer
The Zepp Clarity One device is extremely comfortable. The specific hearing programs run independently, making the device easy to use in most environments.
-Linda Graham
Zepp Clarity One Customer

Why Better Hearing Matters

Better Living

Hearing well is the key to living well. We’re at our best, when our hearing is at its best.

Strong Relationships

Hearing well means being able to communicate clearly with friends & family.

Mental Wellness

Better hearing means improved mood and mental wellness.

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Zepp Clarity's Purpose

At Zepp Clarity, our mission is to destigmatize and normalize the use of hearing aids, empowering those with hearing limitations to take control of their own well being. Our flagship product, Zepp Clarity One, offers much more than just the sophisticated device. Included with your purchase is our best-in-class support team, guided by audiology professionals, to ensure you have the best possible experience from set-up to seamless life integration.

While Zepp Clarity is a new brand, our parent company, Zepp Health has been a global leader in the smart wearables space since 2013, with over 40 million active users in 90 countries, with over 200 million units sold. Zepp Health is on a mission to develop and sell products which improve the health and wellbeing of our customers. We invite you to learn more about Zepp Health and our company's evolution into the hearing space.